I have been doing hair for about 7 years, specializing in bridal for 3. I always loved the beauty industry. Actually pretty much obsessed with it… it definitely feeds the soul.

I am so enthusiastic about weddings in general and just helping our brides have a stress-free fun day! It is like having a girls slumber party every weekend!!! The thrill of getting a bride ready for one of the most important days of her life is what I live for. Weddings are not just a job for me on that day, I want to share the excitement with you and everyone else and I want to make that morning memorable.

As a stylist, I also enjoy the creativity in up styling and I feel that’s it’s super exciting and a ever changing area in the cosmetology field. I like how each one of our brides want something a little different to fit their own particular and individual style and my job is to make that picture in their minds of the look they desire and the look they have imagined, come to life.

I think our industry is really fun and amazing. I knew that doing hair was something I could do forever and I am one of the lucky ones to say it is my profession and career. Weddings are my focus and it is something that I can not get enough of. We’re so lucky we get to touch so many lives, and I think that’s something that isn’t taken seriously as how much we affect people. I think that’s a beautiful thing and I’m so glad to be a part of it!!