From the time I was a small child, I can remember being obsessed with all things glam. It later grew into an interest in art and I began to excel in my drawing, color & painting classes. Color fascinated me, structure intrigued me, and translating that to the human face just seemed like second nature. I have been lucky enough to have taken courses and been trained by some of the best artists in the industry. I was first certified in 2007 in Special FX, Bridal, and Theatre by Bert Roth of 20/20. I have also been certified in advanced artistry by international artist Manuel Villegas from Lancome, National Artist David Bordwell from Stila, and also certified by the artists from Sephora PRO team. I have had the pleasure of working as a key makeup artist on editorial and beauty shoots for Six One Zero Magazine, and photographers Tobias Hibbs, Emily Bleasedale, & Joseph Joyce. Taking in knowledge never gets old and neither does seeing those tips and tricks create more confidence in each client. Often our self-image is directly reflected by how we feel about the way we look. Makeup Artistry should never mask or create a false confidence, but rather enhance a woman’s unique and favorite attributes. Communication is key and makeup artistry is about creating a relationship with the client, listening to her concerns, and bringing forth the best features. From a photo shoot, wedding, or home makeover — it’s about the individual and creating a safe environment for her to openly discuss her beauty concerns. That’s what separates the vast array of us artists out there. Having a true professional to enhance your natural structure, complexion, and skin tone makes every special event even more poignant. I love bringing my unique touch, fun, and interpersonal skills to each consultation, resulting in the best version of yourself for any event!